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Funny Camping Blooper Video- Redneck camping spoof

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Most of you RVer’s will probably agree with the “vehicle access” part of this camping spoof video and most all of you campers will probably think that this is a funny camping blooper video. Originally made as an advertisement of sorts for Kotulas, this camping redneck video is a fun way to talk about camping and the camping supplies from their store. Enjoy this comical view of camping and the great outdoors.

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Camper Crashed Under Overpass

Monday, August 31st, 2009

What happens when an engineer designs a railroad overpass that is only eight feet high? Many crashes from vehicles that are too high to pass under! This is evidenced by a crash that happened in Montana earlier this month. A family from North Dakota tried unsuccessfully to go under an eight foot railroad bridge. As you can see by this link to truck camper hits railroad bridge, the results were not pretty. Hopefully your next camping blooper doesn’t cost this much to your pocketbook or your ego! If you do find yourself with a clearance problem like this and need a new RV, please visit this RV Sales site or this Used RVs site.