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Camping Bloopers -Annoying RV Driving

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

We came across this comical article the other day about the ten most annoying driving habits. Especially if you use your RV a lot to go RVing or camping, it is more than likely that you have seen these bad drivers out on the road. Keep yourself off of camping bloopers by driving mindfully and not making these driving mistakes. Be careful with your new RV by watching out for these annoying driving habits on the road. Here are the first five annoying RV driving habits:
1. Merging – Drivers that go slowly down the on-ramp blocking traffic and heading into traffic that is going really fast, that’s just not a good idea.

2. Stopping to stare at a car crash– Blocking traffic that is starting to pile up behind your RV for miles and miles, just so that you can see all of the details of a fender bender as you pass by – not the best manners.

3. Using high beams improperly – The offenders in this case can be city or rural drivers. City motorhome drivers who never get to use their high beams, so thus forget that they have them and never use them, causing them to creep along at slow night speeds because they cannot see. This high beam user can also be a rural RV driver that doesn’t meet another car or motorhome very often, so thus, they forget that they have their high beams on and constantly blind people.

4. Avoiding jackrabbit starts – Most new and used RV’s are not fuel-efficient RVs, so many RV owners try to avoid fast starts thinking that it will save gas. So, these are the travel trailer drivers that creep away from the stop sign, holding up traffic behind them as they “snail” away. It is actually more efficient to power up to speed relatively quickly, then back off the throttle and cruise at a steady speed.

5. Braking for no reason – We really couldn’t find a more comical way to say this than how this article put it, so we are just going to quote the article here: “Just asking, but what’s up with these inexplicable brake applications in the middle of straightaways? Did you just remember the cat is still in the dryer? See your high school flame pass in the opposite direction? Wake up and realize you were driving? The mystery is baffling. All I know is that it seems people aren’t paying attention and then get startled back into focus, so they apply the brakes. Focus on driving when you’re behind the wheel, not the other things that are happening in your life. You might live longer and worry less.”

Next post, the rest of the top ten annoying driving habits.

Camper Crash-Camping Blooper with Overpass

Monday, January 4th, 2010

We have got a new camping blooper video for you. In this video, the camper crashes into an overpass, but luckily, only the air conditioner is truly damaged. But, the overpass takes the air conditioner…BAM!, right off of the top of the fifth wheel travel trailer in a split second! The camping blooper video actually shows two views from two different cameras. Do you think that the RV owner even realized that they didn’t make it safely under the overpass? We hope that this wasn’t your trailer…but would you admit to any one that this was your camper blooper? If it was you, here is a website to plan your next RV Vacation to get your mind off of things!

Travel Trailer Crash-Driver loses control

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Towing can be one of the harder parts of owning a travel trailer or fifth wheel. Transporting the camper can be especially difficult in the mountains and places with high wind gusts. As is the case with this camping blooper. Thankfully, no one was hurt in this travel trailer crash in Anaheim Hills California, even through the crash definitely looked bad. According to reports, a SUV was towing a travel trailer on the 241 toll road when the driver lost control and flipped the vehicle and camper.

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Fire Ants help buy a travel trailer

Friday, September 18th, 2009

This story is from Bob Crawford on My Favorite Camping Store:
fire_ant“I was tent camping one night when I came upright to the sensation of someone stabbing a white-hot ice pick into my right eyeball. I rubbed at my eyelid and felt a bit of crud and then another lance of pain. I was still groggy from sleep, but I rubbed more furiously at my eyelid and felt a small insect body disintegrate under my friction.

I finally realized that a fire ant had strayed into my tent and stung me twice. It hurt, but being manly I toughed it out. In the morning I awoke and realized something was seriously amiss. I couldn’t focus my eyes and my depth perception was shot.

I seemed to stagger a bit and trip over ant lion pits. It wasn’t till I got to the restroom that I realized I didn’t have brain damage, only some swelling on my left eyelid which caused it to droop over the pupil.

I bought a trailer right after that.”

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Back down the hill in the RV

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Most RV owners responsibly pay close attention to RV towing capacities and weights. Not only can there be hefty fines for not paying attention to RV towing capacities and weights, it is also very dangerous not to heed proper requirements. Thus the following is not recommended. The people in this video did not observe RV towing capacities. What results is a cloud of smoke and a RV that is back down the hill where it started. Very dangerous, but a camping blooper none the less.