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Funny Camping Blooper Video- Redneck camping spoof

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Most of you RVer’s will probably agree with the “vehicle access” part of this camping spoof video and most all of you campers will probably think that this is a funny camping blooper video. Originally made as an advertisement of sorts for Kotulas, this camping redneck video is a fun way to talk about camping and the camping supplies from their store. Enjoy this comical view of camping and the great outdoors.

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Welcome to Camping Bloopers

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

If you have been camping or RVing very long, you have probably had something that did not go quite the way that you had planned. Maybe you ran out of gas before you got home. Maybe you accidentally left your spouse at the convenience store where you stopped for gas. This site is dedicated to all of those camping bloopers that happen and definitely make your trip unforgettable. Share your camping bloopers here and read of camping bloopers that others have had. As they say, the things that go wrong make the memories.